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About us

About us

Tom: Captain of the Team Argo who had been participating at the biggest paddling race in Croatia - The Neretva river Marathon, for 17 years. Team Argo won the race in the year 2016 as probably the biggest upset in race history. Their story war recorded in a documentary "Zlatno runo - Argonauti s ribnjaka". 

Tom was captain of the Team Argo for 15 years and has organized numerous competitions and paddling endurance events in traditional boats and hawaiian canoes: paddling across the Drava and Danube River as well as the Adriatic Sea. He was also a member of the Croatian team that paddled across the English Channel (La Manche). During the pandemic of Covid-19 and the lockdown in October 2020 he organized the biggest  Argo adventure of paddling across the Adriatic sea from Croatian - Monte Negro border to Croatian - Slovenian border (650 km)  in a hawaiian OC6 canoe. 

In August 2022, Tomislav Smrček and Nikica Ljubek organized the appearance of Argonauts at the Hawaiian canoe race in Germany on the Baltic Sea (Rugia Hoe 2022), which is the first official appearance of any Croatian team in the outrigger canoe (OC6) competitions.

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